Introducing Startup Digest’s Latest Mailing List Featuring Women in Entrepreneurship

By Anna Curran, Founder


I have to be honest…there’s something I’ve never quite understood. Why is it that women and men have different opportunities when it comes to access to visibility, power, and wealth?

Time and again, I hear people calling out the problem by name, and often the proposed solution is to create a new space where women can connect with other women. But this only creates a pink curtain that keeps talent, ambition, and success separate and hidden. In essence, it’s the making of a pink ghetto.

The Startup Digest Women’s reading list is not that; it’s a look behind the pink curtain. We are here to give visibility to leaders, founders, mentors and investors who are inspiring, building, and doing is noteworthy things – and we are bringing these stories the broader community.

We are the place where anyone can come to read profiles of amazing entrepreneurs founding great companies. Our roundups will be curated for writers, angel investors, venture capitalists, and anyone else who wants to hear about companies that may not have otherwise come across their radar. We will tell stories of investors who are changing the nature of the game (again, investors who happen to be women).

Our goal is to create visibility–that’s why I’m investing my time in curating the StartupDigest Reading List for Women.

You can keep up with me on Twitter @AnnaCurran and @CookbookCreate.

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Learn more about our 2014 initiative, Startup Women, here.

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