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May 26, 2015

Our 5 Favorite Startup Digest Reading List Articles From Last Week

  1. People are making dial-up noises on Tumblr to honor the internet’s 56K past By Lauren O’Neill Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/trending/people-are-making-dial-up-noises-on-tumblr-to-honour-the-internet-s-56k-past-1.3083003 Digest: Media Curator: Holly Knowlman More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bogmEn   2. The Chokehold of Calendars By Mike Monteiro Link: https://medium.com/@monteiro/the-chokehold-of-calendars-f70bb9221b36 Digest: Product Curator: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/boeq2n   3. Popcorn Time, a controversial streaming service for pirated movies, is now…

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