Our 5 Favorite Startup Digest Reading List Articles From Last Week


1. ‘Give Away Your Legos’ and Other Commandments for Scaling Startups

By First Round Review

Digest: Leadership & Resiliency
Curator: Sarah Jane Coffey

Molly Graham has scaled teams at Google, Facebook and now Quip. In this post she shares truth about the way scaling feels (hint: not so awesome) and lessons she’s learned along the way. Advice worth considering. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bzKier


2. Ben Horowitz’s Best Startup Advice

By Product Hunt

Digest: Product
Curator: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti

Ben Horowitz’ best advices for startups. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bzJLk1


3. As Better Tech Emerges, Will Running Social Ads Simultaneously With TV Spots Pay Off?

By Christopher Heine

Digest: Marketing Technology
Curator: Mitchell Cuevas

If you are a marketer wondering if it pays to run social-media ads simultaneously with TV spots, 4C Insights is in the process of trying to find out for you. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bzJrnD


4. Five Copy Hacks To Make Your Blog Posts Even More Amazing

By Carol Amato

Digest: Small Business
Curator: Marc Prosser

Blog posts influence your audience in many ways, such as establishing your expertise, introducing prospects to your professional style, and promoting your brand. Therefore, a key component of blogging is being able to write engaging, substantive content on a consistent basis. Many bloggers are surprised to discover how copywriting will help you write blog posts that resonate with your audience and get you noticed as a standout blogger who really delivers. As a bonus, you’ll be surprised how much more quickly you’ll get the writing done, too. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bzI_Pv


5. The New Redistribution: 5 Radical Ideas For Reversing Income Inequality

By Ben Schiller

Digest: Social Enterprise
Curators: Shevika Mishra & Karthik Shankar

This article is based on 5 radical proposals by economist Tony Atkinson that require us to rethink fundamental aspects of our modern society and to cast off political ideas that have dominated recent decades. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/bzIRRT


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