Women Changing the Face of AI, Audi’s Virtual Cockpit & More Reading List Highlights

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1. The Women Changing the Face of AI

By Cale Guthrie Weissman – Fast Company

Digest: Artificial Intelligence

Curator: Bjorn Larsen

In Fast Company, Cale Guthrie Weissman profiles Hannah Wallach, co-founder of the now-10-years-old Women in Machine Learning Conference. Read More

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2. How Millennials Became Spooked By Credit Cards

By Nathaniel Popper – DealBook, New York Times

Digest: FinTech

Curators: Thilmin Gee, Camron Miraftab, Karolina Noronha

Analysis done by the NY Times on data from the Federal Reserve showed that Americans under 35 hold the least amount of credit card debit since 1989. Millennials are gravitating towards non-cash and card methods. Read More

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3. Stepping Inside Audi’s Virtual Cockpit

By Wired

Digest: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Curators: Kelly Vicars, Lindsay Saunders, Martin Ahe

Who knew bringing VR inside vehicles would promote distraction-free driving! Six of the latest Audi models are available with the virtual cockpit, a series of fully digitally rendered displays that allow for information and navigation tools to be presented in one place. Read More

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4. Bringing Depression Out of The Shadows In Startups

By Brad Feld

Digest: HR & Employee Experience

Curator: Philip Alexander

Brad Feld publishes a Q&A on mental health in startups. Read More

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5. Tip of the Week

By Ahava Shira – Forbes.com

Digest: Young Entrepreneurship

Curator: Chas Pulido

“Learn to love the journey. Enjoy the slow steady movements toward what you dream of. And take refuge in the simple comforts of loving relationships, dear friends and your creative vision. Remember to smell the flowers often, listen to the birds, befriend fear. I’ll say that one again, befriend fear because it will likely be a constant companion. Nothing wrong with that, as a teacher told me, fear means: Prepare to Grow!” –Ahava Shira Read More

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