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1. Avoid the startup graveyard

By Ludovic Ulrich – TechCrunch

Digest: Corporate Innovation

Curators: Carie Davis, Shane Reiser

How startups think about you. Read More

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2. ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and Disney will come to VR via Oculus

By Jessica Conditt – engadget

Digest: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Curators: Lindsay Saunders, Martin Ahe, Kelly Vicars

Though no official plans were announced Disney and Oculus are partnering up, it looks like new and classic Disney characters will be headed over to Oculus platforms to get a reboot in a different reality. We will also have the chance to see some awesome Blade Runner action in VR. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/ci8RE1


3. Announcing Techstars Music

By Bob Moczydlowsky – Techstars Blog

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

We’ve created a broad definition of what makes a music company, and we’re excited to work with this impressive consortium to mentor and invest in startups working in all categories of music. Once selected, these ten startups will gather in Los Angeles to participate in Techstars’ three-month, mentorship-driven accelerator program. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/ci-V3T


4. The Arrival of Artificially Intelligent Beer

By Alasdair ALLAN – Mother Board

Digest: BevTech

Curator: Vincent PÉTRÉ

The machine learning algorithms uses a combination of reinforcement learning and bayesian optimisation to assist the brewer in deciding how to change the recipe of the beer, with the algorithms learning from experience and customer feedback. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/ci8D9v


5. How to get meetings with people too busy to see you

By Steve Blank – Startup Grind on Medium

Digest: Customer Development

Curator: Alison Gibbins

Some good tips for getting meetings that can also be used to recruit for customer development interviews. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/ci6Cm1


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