Solving China’s Food Crisis, Unpaid Internships & More Reading List Highlights

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1. How a new accelerator aims to solve China’s food crisis

By C. Custer – Tech in Asia

Digest: China Tech

Curators: Xu Tao, Edith Yeung

A food-focused VC is something that Matilda said China’s tech industry desperately needs. “There are more and more entrepreneurs aware of [China’s food system] challenges, but they don’t have enough capital, experiences, or the mentor network to help them succeed and grow rapidly,” she said. Read More

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2. PayPal Payments and Notifications are Coming to Facebook Messenger

By Paul Sawers- VentureBeat

Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

PayPal has been pushing to expand its reach into the consumer realm, having struck partnerships with MasterCard, Visa, Vodafone, and Alibaba, among other companies in the past few months alone. With Facebook Messenger on board, this opens PayPal up to a potential one billion users. Read More

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3. One of the Few Girls in the Room: How do we Accelerate Equality in Tech?

By Angela Tran Kingyens –

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

Here’s a great strategy for overcoming biases that can be applied by individuals encountering adversity in a myriad of contexts. Read More

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4. Thrive Market’s Multi Channel Content Machine: A Study of Content-Based Growth

By Susan Su – Reforge

Digest: Product

Curator: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti, Reza Ladchartabi

A case study of Thrive Market, a subscription e-commerce business that specializes in delivering natural and organic foods, but at wholesale prices. Read More

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5. 6 Ways Employers Can Make Unpaid Internships Worthwhile

By Heather Huhman – Entrepreneur

Digest: Young Entrepreneurship

Curator: Chas Pulido

Many startups don’t have enough money to pay for their interns. Therefore, they need to evaluate the benefits of unpaid internships. Read More

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