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1. What it’s Like to Use Snapchat Spectacles

By Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

Digest: Wearables

Curators: Aashay Mody, Ashish Aggarwal

Snap’s Spectacles are having a spectacular debut today, with (at least) hundreds of people lining up at their first Snapbot pop-up vending machine location in Venice Beach. Read More

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2. How to Best Answer the 20 Most Common Interview Questions

By Charley Mendoza – Envato Tutsplus

Digest: Small Business

Curators: Marc Prosser, Michael Heiligenstein

Going on a job interview feels like you’re taking a test with no definite right and wrong answers. So the best thing you can do is find out common interview questions, and answers recruiters look for. This article will serve as your cheat sheet for that. So, you can go into your next interview well-prepared. Read More

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3. How to Get Startup Ideas

By Paul Graham –

Digest: Young Entrepreneurship

Curator: Chas Pulido

So you really want to start a company, but are waiting for that one awesome idea! The myth here is that ideas pop up out of nowhere! Paul Graham teaches us that the best ideas are all around us, but you need to learn how to find them. Read More

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4. How Meetup Ditched Its Boys Club

By Jessi Hempel – Backchannel

Digest: HR & Employee Experience

Curator: Philip Alexander

Meetup has been on a three year journey to transform their company, and management team. This piece explores Meetup’s journey in detail. Read More

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5. Every Startup Needs to Start Measuring NPS

By Dana Severson, Techstars

Digest: Startup

Curators: Zubin Chagpar, Chris McCann

“Look no further than venture capitalist and Godfather of SaaS, Jason Lemkin. The prolific investor recently stated, ‘Track NPS as a core, monthly metric. Share it with everyone. And importantly — use it for a cross-functional discussion across Sales, Support, Customer Success, Marketing, Engineering, and Product.'” Read More

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