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1. How to Get a Startup Job Abroad

By Matheus Riolfi – Medium

Digest: Startup

Curator: Zubin Chagpar

“Startups don’t have a structured recruiting process, so you must find the right targets and bring your own chair. Since this requires a lot of work, focus on your top three cities before you start your search.” Read More

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2. States With the Happiest and Unhappiest Workers (Infographic)

By Rose Leadem – Entrepreneur

Digest: Leadership & Resiliency

Curator: Miriam Meima

Who we surround ourselves with had an impact on our mood (short-term) and even our current world view (mid-term). Several of my clients are beginning to notice how it feels to be around certain friends or co-workers with a victim-mentality (emotionally and energetically draining!) compared to more positively oriented individuals (inspiring!).

One of my clients in particular has started to design who she wants to “hook her brain up to” and spend more time with them (and little to no time with the downers). Going into the new year you may consider doing the same. How can you spend more time with those that mirror your greatest qualities?

While a geographical move may not be in your future, if we take this conversation to a large scale you can see how living in a place with happy people may affect your day-to-day interactions, and ultimately your world view. Read More

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3. New Artificial Intelligence Technique Could Erase Fear from Your Brain

By Maria Gallucci – Mashable

Digest: Product

Curators: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti, Reza Ladchartabi

A team of neuroscientists said they found a way to recondition the human brain to overcome specific fears. Read More

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4. Online Fraud Expected To Grow 43 Percent This Holiday Season In The US


Digest: FinTech

Curators: Karolina Noronha, Thilmin Gee, Camron Miraftab

This is the season for giving and for scamming. With the holidays around the corner, ACI Worldwide is warning that U.S. retailers should brace for a 43 percent growth in fraudulent activity online this holiday season compared with last year. The data, which is based on hundreds of millions of transactions from retailers around the world, found that card-not-present U.S. online fraud attempt rates are forecasted to increase 43 percent by volume over the same peak holiday period last year. Read More

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5. How to Handle Payroll for Your First Employee

By Jeanne Grunert – CorpNet

Digest: Small Business

Curators: Marc Prosser, Michael Heiligenstein

Business is booming, and it’s time to hire your first employee. Finding great talent, hiring someone, and making sure that all of your new hire paperwork is in order is often a steep learning curve for entrepreneurs. Fortunately, once you go through the on-boarding process with one employee, you’ll be ready to handle many more as your company grows. Read More

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