Top Tips for Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Rowe. Tiffany is a Marketing Administrator at Seek Visibility, where she assists clients in contributing resourceful content throughout the web.

We all know that there are many benefits of using social media for startup businesses. For example, it can help to build brands and sell products, engage consumers, test demand, source testimonials and other feedback, provide information on target markets, increase customer service, enable competitive analysis, and much more.

However, in this digital age, social media is also being used by many businesses across various industries, and by PEO companies and other recruitment services firms, to source top job candidates.

In fact, according to the Recruiter Nation Survey 2015, conducted by Jobvite, 92 percent of recruiters surveyed used social media as part of their hiring process. While LinkedIn came up as the most popular choice of site, with 87 percent of respondents using it, 55 percent used Facebook and 47 percent used Twitter. Smaller numbers also made use of sites like Snapchat, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Periscope when searching for quality candidates.

If you’re looking to increase your workforce in 2017 as your startup grows, and want to ensure you find the best workers for each important role, it’s time to consider adding social media to your arsenal. Read on for some tips you can follow today.

Use the Most Appropriate Sites

The first thing to do when looking to use social media sites to find top job candidates is to utilize the sites where the best potential hires are going to be. After all, sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and the like tend to attract slightly different demographics, and are used in different ways by different groups. As such, you need to conduct some research to find out which sites the people you’re looking to hire prefer to frequent.

Apart from the large sites, keep in mind that there are also a number of industry-specific social networks around too, so you may find it worthwhile concentrating on some of them, depending on the sector your business is in.

Keep Your Company’s Social Media Pages Interesting

It is also important to keep your company’s social media pages interesting, fresh, relevant, and up-to-date if you want to attract talented workers. While as a startup entrepreneur you will be busy working on lots of tasks every day, adding value for people in this way is worth the time because you will ensure that you build up a larger following of people (including influencers who can spread the word about your business effectively), and in turn make it easier to find candidates when you’re ready to expand your team. You will become proactive in your search for new employees, rather than sitting back and waiting for them to find you.

Keep in mind that these days the new generation of workers is keen to know about the corporate culture of a firm before they join, so that they can choose a role where the fit will be right for them and where they can enjoy being part of the team.

On your social media pages you can:

  • Tell interesting stories about what’s going on within your venture
  • Ask questions for followers to answer
  • Shares insights about your industry or relevant events
  • Post updates, pictures, and videos detailing company and employee news
  • Detail a “day in the life” within the organization for various workers and/or yourself
  • Showcase tours of workspaces or events
  • Share interviews with employees and team member profiles
  • Mention local community news or employee recognition ceremonies
  • Post customer feedback
  • Provide how-to information that is helpful for readers
  • Post job openings

By regularly sharing content on your social media profiles that covers these types of things, you will give potential hires great insight about what it’s like to work within your organization. This will help candidates to understand the firm’s culture and way of doing things, and help you to build a pipeline of talented workers who are excited about joining the organization early on, and who will be likely to fit in well with other employees.

Have Your Employees Spread the Word

Another tip that will help you to find excellent candidates for positions is to enlist your current workforce to spread the word about vacancies and what the company is like to work for. Not only will this help to get more people hearing about open roles, and increase the chances that you’ll find someone suitable, but it will also help to sell your firm to interested parties. Employees can share their experiences of working for the business via the social media sites you wish to target.

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