KFC China using facial recognition, “Queen Boss” & More Reading List Highlights

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1. How Snapchat will Change the Music Industry in 2017

By Kerry Flynn – Mashable

Digest: Music

Curator: Katie Chase

“Sheeran’s use of Snapchat is just the most recent example of how the app—and its community—have emerged as powerful distribution tools for new music. Where other digital platforms are plagued by piracy issues, Snapchat has taken on the role of a DJ, with artists hoping to partner up, and get their song played within innovative, fun, engagement-heavy formats.” Read More 

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2. KFC China is Using Facial Recognition Tech to Serve Customers – But are They Buying it?

By Amy Hawkins – The Guardian

Digest: China Tech

Curators: Xu Tao, Edith Yeung

KFC has teamed up with Baidu – the search engine company often referred to as “China’s Google” – to develop facial-recognition technology that can be used to predict customer’s orders. Read More

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3. ‘Shark Tank’ for Black Female Founders

By Geri Stengel – Forbes

Digest: Women Entrepreneurship

Curator: Lorel Sim

Kind of like Shark Tank, kind of like a Food Network competition – “Queen Boss” is a new show that features black female founders and self-made moguls as judges. Read More

More from this reading list: http://eepurl.com/cxuKYD


4. How Shazam Handles Its Data Reserves

By Clare McDonald – Computer Weekly

Digest: Analytics

Curator: Banji Adenusi

Between legacy data, experimentations, transitioning from recognizing a particular song to recognizing a Bluetooth beacon, supersonic radio frequency or Coke can, Shazam is now looking to offer data as a product. Read More

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5. VC Firms Are Raising Money Like It’s 1999 (They Just Aren’t Spending It)


Digest: Venture Capital

Curator: Yohei Nakajima

U.S. VCs raised $41.6 billion in 2016, the biggest pick-up since 2001. Read More

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