Obama’s Parting Gift to Foreign Entrepreneurs, Google Maps & More Reading List Highlights

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1. Obama’s Parting Gift to Foreign Entrepreneurs

By Susan Cohen & Mintz Levin – VentureBeat.com

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published on Tuesday a final regulation that expands the use of the government’s “parole” authority to authorize an immigration benefit for foreign entrepreneurs who can demonstrate they will provide a significant public benefit to the United States as a result of economic growth and/or job creation. Read More

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2. Why Emailed Documents are a Bigger Security Risk Than the Cloud

By Charles Costa – Tax Pro Center

Digest: Small Business

Curators: Marc Prosser, Michael Heiligenstein

Now that tax season is near, you’re probably preparing to sift through papers and receipts from your clients. While many people use mail to deliver documents, some tax professionals are turning to email and cloud systems for managing documents. Although email is an easy way to relay information, it can also be one of the riskiest. Below is a brief overview of the risks associated with email and cloud technologies so that you’re informed this tax season. Read More

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3. Google Maps soon shows how difficult parking is near your destination


Digest: Mobility & Transportation

Curators: Timo Hoffmann, Manuel Heckmann, Andy Palanisamy

Google Maps has great influence on mobility and mode choice, no doubt. With their new feature the difficulty of finding a nearby parking spot is shown. This might make even longer urban bike rides more attractive to many. Read More

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4. Carpooling apps could reduce taxi traffic 75%

By Adam Conner-Simons – MIT CSAIL

Digest: Smart Cities

Curator: Joan Torres

A new algorithm shows that 3,000 four-passenger cars could serve 98 percent of NYC taxi demand. This suggests that ride-sharing options from Uber and Lyft could play a big role in reducing congestion, and even helping with pollution and energy usage. Read More

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5. How to be a Good Mentor

By Dave Schappell

Digest: Startup

Curators: Zubin Chagpar, Chris McCann

“These will often help the startup team think about their product, or their situation. This can often be a way to make suggestions without criticizing.” Read More

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