This Man Makes Founders Cry, Redesigning Instagram & More Reading List Highlights

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1. The Whole Child Development Guide

By Lego Learning Institute – Lego Foundation

Digest: Education

Curators: Aurelio Jimenez Romero, Deborah Chang, Hrvoje Morić, Jennifer Chin, Jessica Falkenthal

How do you design age-appropriate learning resources? The Lego Learning Institute provides thorough details on the developmental needs of each age group of children to help you design better learning experiences for youth. For each age group, they discuss:
“1. Competencies: What does a child of a given age naturally strive to learn?
2. Manifestation: What actions will the child undertake to attain and nurture these competencies?
3. Support: What can care-givers do to support a child’s natural interests, abilities, or urges?”
while discussing how they understand their sense of self, relationship with others, where they fit in the world and how they design and build things. Read More

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2. I Wanted to See How Far I Could Push Myself Creatively. So I Redesigned Instagram.

By Kim Thuy Tu – FreeCodeCamp

Digest: Product

Curators: SC Moatti, Reza Ladchartabi

“The challenge: to take an application I love and use everyday, then see how far I could push myself creatively as a designer, by rebuilding it from the ground up.” Read More

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3. This Man Makes Founders Cry

By Jessi Hempel – Back Channel

Digest: Leadership & Resiliency

Curator: Miriam Meima

Helping people get in touch with what is under the surface is part of what got me into leadership coaching. I believe we are all getting in our own way, whether we realize it or now. Jerry Colonna has built a wonderful reputation for being able to get to the heart of the matter. Integrating coaching skills into leadership roles is on the rise. While I don’t suggest you aim to make all of your direct reports cry. I do see a link between curiosity, compassion, the ability to listen and effective management. Read More

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4. Techstars Launches Accelerator in Toronto

By David Brown – Techstars Blog

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

It’s no secret that Techstars has been active in the entrepreneurial community throughout Canada for a number of years. The speculation began when my co-founder David Cohen visited Toronto-Waterloo in 2014 and has been building since. Read More

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5. From Oslo to Paris, These Major Cities Have Plans to go Car-Free

By Leanna Garfield – World Economic Forum

Digest: Mobility & Transportation

Curators: Timo Hoffmann, Manuel Heckmann, Andy Palanisamy

Urban planners and policy makers around the world have started to brainstorm ways that cities can create more space for pedestrians and lower CO2 emissions from diesel. Some major cities are planning to go car free. Here an overview. Read More

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