Is Your Business For You or Your Customers?

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This sounds like a silly question, but you would be shocked how often it comes up when I talk to business owners.

Does your business exist to serve you or your customers?

Now, all business owners hope to build a company that can provide them with some type of fulfillment both regarding accomplishment and monetary rewards. There is nothing wrong with that.

When I ask, “Does your business exist for you?” I’m talking about ego. It can be ego grounded in arrogance or ego rooted in insecurity. They are two parts of the same coin. You know the type of person I’m talking about… maybe you are that person.

The ones who start a company just because someone tells them they can’t. They don’t care what they offer or who they sell it to; they just have to own a successful company. These are the same people that start a business so that they can call themselves a CEO on a business card. It becomes their middle finger to the world in a sense.

These companies are often marked by the lack of a clear foundation for why they do what they do, poor customer service, and usually stalled growth after they reach an initial wave of success that the leader(s) can ride.

This is not the way to start or run a business. It is time to edit your thinking and put the customer in their rightful place of importance.

Customers choose every day, month, quarter, and year to be your customer because of the value you provide and the way they are treated. You do not exist without them. Your business becomes just a project or a hobby without a sufficient flow of customers willing to exchange money for what you offer.

The other thing we as business leaders have to stop doing is singing our own praises. We all have various levels of ego, and we all want to feel good about ourselves, but we do not have to be the ones to do it. Let your work speak for itself. Let your product sing your praises. The person who proclaims themselves to be an “industry expert” or a “marketing guru” rarely ever lives up to that, and you can’t find one person who would describe them in that way.

If you are only focused on the accolades and the money a business can bring, you will often end up with no customers, no money, no compliments and ultimately no business. The funny part is, if you focus on the client’s needs first, EVERYTHING else will show up. You’ll get the awards, the profits, the fulfillment. It happens every time.

So what type of business do you want to run?

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