The following is a guest post by Valli Vishnubhotla, an SEO professional working at AWM Network. Valli writes for Market Inspector and Greenmatch, B2B digital marketplaces in Europe.

A good web design gives the first impression of a business or a brand. Having a website in today’s world has become a necessity for every business because people look up online and do their research before making the purchase decision.

The trends in web design are constantly changing and web design companies are trying to update and adapt to the latest styles that are being demanded. Businesses that have an online presence need to stand out from their competitors and build a unique brand identity.

An effective website is the face of a business and it has to gain the attention of consumers. Ecommerce businesses strive to penetrate into their target market by providing a user-friendly web design that customers can easily navigate and use. Website design for an ecommerce business is crucial and needs to be top notch. This infographic provides useful information regarding the features, tips and trends that are required for an effective website design.

Anatomy of effective Web Design

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