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1. Cofounder Disputes and Making Something People Want

By Jessica Livingston

Digest: Startup

Curator: Zubin Chagpar

In this excerpt from Jessica’s talk at the 2014 Female Founders Conference, she discusses the two most common reasons startups fail: cofounder disputes and not making something people want. Read More

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2. App Store now requires developers to use official API to request app ratings, disallows custom prompts

By 9to5mac

Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

Developers like the new API because it allows customers to provide a rating without leaving the app; custom implementations would pop an alert that ultimately navigated to the App Store. The integrated Apple rating prompt lets users pick 1-5 stars and press Done, without losing the context of what they were doing in the third-party app. Read More

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3. Calling All Snackers: Here Comes a Fitbit for Your Mouth

By MIT Technology Review

Digest: Wearables

Curators: Aashay Mody, Ashish Aggarwal

While wearables have gotten pretty good at tracking a range of health-related activities, there’s still no simple, automated, unobtrusive way to track one of the vital things we all do every day: eat. Researchers at Dartmouth College and Clemson University have built a prototype of a headband-like device that they think could be a step toward making this happen. Part of a project called Auracle, the gadget uses a microphone placed on the skin to capture sounds of mouth-related activities that are then analyzed to pinpoint when the wearer is eating—an activity that can be tricky to distinguish from things like talking or coughing. Read More

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4. Military funding for small businesses

By Department of Defense

Digest: Government

Curator: Ron Flavin

Here you will find a listing of available business grant opportunities available through the U.S. military. Read More

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5. How To Build A Brand In 5 Days: Tips From A Designer

By Karen DeFelice

Digest: Design

Curators: Eugenio Monforte, Phillip Chao

Consumers have become so involved in their favorite brands —THEY help tell a company’s story. They tweet, Instagram and Facebook the good, the bad and the beautiful. So how do companies hit that sweet spot to get consumers to fall for their brand? Read More

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