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1. The Messaging Starter Kit for Customer Engagement

By Geoffrey Keating

Digest: Design

Curators: Eugenio Monforte, Phillip Chao

Over the past few years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses create messages that help grow their business, and we’re often asked what types of messages you should send to help engage your customers. That’s why we put together a messaging starter kit to help get your customer engagement strategy off the ground. Read More

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2. Automated, Self-Driving Mini Market Could be a Future Disruptor

By Jeff Wells – Food Dive

Digest: Food Tech

Curators: David Nagy, Winnie Leung

Moby Mart, an automated, self-driving mini grocery store that carries an assortment of groceries and drives itself to a distribution center when it needs to restock, is currently being tested in Shanghai. Read More

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3. Visualizing Uber and Lyft trips in San Francisco: More Than 200,000 Trips a Day

By Billy Charlton – Hackernoon

Digest: Mobility & Transportation

Curators: Timo Hoffmann, Manuel Heckmann, Andy Palanisamy

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority just released some unprecedented data summaries of Uber and Lyft usage in the City by the Bay. Combined, the two rideshare services logged more than 200,000 daily rides (!!) on typical Fridays in the fall of 2016 — and that’s just counting trips entirely within the city limits. On a weekday that is 12x the number of taxi trips and about 15% of all intra-San Francisco vehicle trips. Read More

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4. The Future of Tech is in ‘Cities Across Africa,’ Says Start-up CEO

By Chantel McGee – CNBC

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

As emerging markets continue to develop, startups will lead the way. Read More

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5. 175 CEOs Join Forces For Diversity and Inclusion

By Ellen McGirt – Fortune

Digest: HR & Employee Experience

Curator: Philip Alexander

CEO’s of 175 of the world’s largest companies have signed the CEO Pledge focusing on creating a safe workplace environment for dialogue, mitigating unconscious bias, and sharing best – and worst – practices – while making the business and moral case for diversity. Read More

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