The Easiest Way to Convert More Users Onto Your App? Think Simple.

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If you’re trying to scale your application; you don’t always need to pour more money into your advertising and marketing budget; as most advertising firms would like to suggest.

Sometimes, it’s much easier, more cost-effective, and impactful to simplify something that already exists.

I’m serious.

What’s better to you?

Having 100 visitors with one sign up, or having one visitor with one sign up?

Both have the same outcome, but both paint entirely different narratives.

Having 100 visitors with one sign up means that your outreach has worked, but your conversion sucks. Having one visitor and converting that visitor means your conversion game is on point, but your awareness sucks.

This is the most significant mistake you as an entrepreneur can make. For many of you; you’re blinded by the lack of new users you’re getting. You’re not looking at the actual story taking shape.

Simplify your thinking.

Business, though it is complex, isn’t as complicated as most make it out to be.

Too many entrepreneurs are adding additional layers of complexity that are unnecessary.

If you have a decent number of visitors, focus on how you can increase conversions of that existing traffic instead of obsessing over where to find more and more traffic.

That’s where your attention should be!

More often than not, you have a landing page, screen or registration process that doesn’t communicate effectively or is misaligned with what these visitors are expecting. Focus on this, and you’ll see immediate results.

For the latter group, if you aren’t seeing many individuals but seeing an excellent conversion, focus on the former.

You don’t need to keep tinkering with conversion rates, just to increase by that extra 1%.

It’s the volume that matters for you.

Don’t try it again to fix what is already working; instead, focus where you can and should immediately improve.

Simplify your focus and streamline the process.

Start looking at scenarios with a clear mind, without unnecessary biases or judgments.

The circumstances described above are not only a daily occurrence for our clients at Chop Dawg, but can often be found with most app developers on the web. This concept of simplifying is what separates the successful apps from the failures.

Though this may seem like common sense now, when ego, emotions, and random data get in the way; your judgment will become clouded. When this happens, take a step back and breath!

This will force you to think clearly, rationally, and most importantly, simply.

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