Tesla Shows How Traditional Metrics Are Outdated, The New Customer Experience & More Highlights

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1. Designing The New Customer Experience: What Happens After Checkout?

By Tommy Walker – Shopify

Digest: Retail Tech & Ecommerce

Curator: Kyle Kelly

Paying attention to all the little details that happen immediately after a person buys is what’s known as the first-run customer experience. Read More

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2. What Is Ray Kurzweil Up To At Google? Writing Your Emails

By Tom Simonite – Wired

Digest: Artificial Intelligence

Curators: Aashay Mody, Bjorn Larsen

Ray Kurzweil, known for popularizing the idea of the singularity, leads a team of about 35 people at Google whose code helps you write emails. His group powers Smart Reply, the feature on the Gmail mobile app that offers three suggested email replies for you to select with a tap. This is just the first visible part of the group’s main project: a system for understanding the meaning of language. Codenamed Kona, the effort is aiming for nothing less than creating software as linguistically fluent as you or me. Read More

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3. Tesla Shows How Traditional Business Metrics Are Outdated

By Eddie Yoon – Harvard Business Review

Digest: Corporate Innovation

Curators: Carie Davis, Jose Iglesias

Classic metrics like market penetration and market share, which many leaders are measured on, are the very things causing us to miss market opportunities and threats. Someone like Musk is a category creator — someone who doesn’t rely on incremental innovation but instead changes the rules of the road entirely by creating a new category. In that landscape, our established modes of measurement just don’t work. Read More

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4. 30+ Case Studies that will Teach You How to Build Online Community for Your Business


Digest: Enterprise

Curator: Shuonan Chen

Building a thriving community takes a lot of inspiration and creativity. But sometimes it’s hard to find new ideas through your community structure. This is true whether you’re considering adding badges or launching a community member contest. We often just need an outsider’s perspective to ensure we’re on the right track. Read More

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5. Uber Adds In-App Messaging Between Riders and Drivers

By Darrell Etherington – TechCrunch

Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

Drivers wanted more visibility into whether or not their messages were actually being received and read by either party. That’s something they could easily offer in-app, to add clarity to the flow of text communication and reassure both parties involved. Read More

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