Anonymously Share Your Sexual Harassment Stories, Are Wearables Dead & More

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1. Here’s a safe space to anonymously share your sexual harassment stories

By Roberto Torres – Philly

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

In order to remedy serious issues, conversations need to be had, even if it’s just an anonymous monologue. Read More

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2. Rising Trend: Social Responsibility is High on Millennials’ List

By Danielle Sabrina –

Digest: Youth Entrepreneurship

Curators: Tony Cueva, Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska

It’s about making a positive social impact! Millennials support companies that do good, making social entrepreneurship a smart business model to follow. 70% of millennials are willing to pay more for a product that makes an impact on issues they care about. Read More

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3. Are Wearables Dead?

By Amit Garg – LinkedIn

Digest: Wearables

Curators: Aashay Mody, Ashish Aggarwal

November 2014, Nike decided to shut off all its efforts around wearables. June 2016, Jawbone went out of business. August 2017, GoPro announced it’s turning around. Are these three data points indicative of a wider trend around wearables? Read More

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4. Why Successful Startups Stumble at 40+ Employees

By Steve Blank – Think Growth

Digest: Leadership & Resiliency

Curator: Miriam Meima

If you have a proven user acquisition strategy and are thinking about scale, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you transition into a later-stage company. Read More

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5. A Wild Vision Of The Future Run By Amazon And Whole Foods

By Mark Wilson – Co.Design

Digest: Food Tech

Curators: Winnie Leung, David Nagy

Austin-based design firm Argodesign mocked up a provocative series of concepts suggesting what an Amazon-Whole Foods could look like – Drones. Shared refrigerators. Hydroponic garages. Read More

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