Real Talk: Hiring – Talent vs. Need

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One of the things that we’ve most appreciated about here at Chop Dawg is how we have the privilege to work alongside some of the most talented early stage startups and applications on the planet. With this privilege, we are often tasked with not only helping them bring their web and mobile app ideas to life; but as well, guiding them at their early stage on many of the challenges and obstacles that new companies face.

One of the biggest challenges of them all comes down to hiring.

More often than not, if you’re an early-stage company, you need all the help you can get.








The list can go on and on.

One of our favorite examples when it comes to hiring early is comparing your company to a sports franchise.

Listen, I know, I know, I have done this in the past, on this blog too. It’s true, though.

Think of your company as the team in the NBA with the top pick in the draft.

If you have the top pick, it means you desperately need help.

You’re not a team that has multiple pieces already in place, trying to fill in a need or a want.

You’re a team that desperately needs that star player, and once you have that start, you’ll fill in the other missing pieces.

You will draft the individual with the most talent, the most upside, the most potential.

You won’t even think twice.

The same concept should be applied to how you hire in those early stages.

It’s no secret that as an early stage company, you as the entrepreneur, the leader, the founding team will be wearing many hats.

Get used to that.

Even as you grow, your role will vary and be necessary until you are generating enough revenue to have a strong team. Now I am not suggesting to contradict our earlier advice on hiring first where your weaknesses lie.

That is an absolute priority, but you need to dive deeper.

You need to hire whoever has the most upside, the highest potential, who can not only help you skyrocket your company early and quickly… But be a centerpiece to attract future top talent and hires.

You can’t necessarily just go for that want.

If you’re good enough at sales, focusing on your first hire being sales isn’t the best idea, especially if you stumble upon that superstar marketer who can help scale your digital presence and advertising with a high potential for ROI (return on investment).

This is a mistake most companies make.

They not only hire their first employees incorrectly, but they indirectly also disrupt how their business culture will be by poor hiring practice.

If you focus early on with the most top performing, superstar talent, you are setting the tone for future hires.

It’s been preached time and time again here at Chop Dawg: a talented team is a common thread that you will find with all of our most successful clients.

When it comes to our company priority list, it is number one.

Having a superstar team, keeping them happy, avoiding high turnover, it all translates into your company being more of an asset, better customer retention, better results, more satisfied people and most importantly to your bottom line, more profitability, all without the unnecessary stress.

If you’re a growing company and looking to begin hiring a team, don’t look at your wants necessarily, look at the most talent available, and do whatever it takes to bring them on board.

Be smart about it, still pick the pieces needed, but understand early on, you need all the help you can get.

This is the startup draft, and you have the number one pick.

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