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With all the possibilities that new technologies offer, work nowadays is all about being smart and less about being hard. But what does it mean to work smart? Smart Working is not just a cliché that people use as a slogan to justify working less hours. In fact, Smart Working is more than just flexible working, it is a management philosophy that is based on making the most of smart technologies and of the possibilities that they offer.

There are five main aspects of working life that can be rethought according to a Smart Working philosophy: leadership, office space, technology, estate, and culture and people. For a Smart Working business to be successful, it is necessary to implement an integrated plan that focuses on each and all of these five areas.

Smart leadership is based on trust and flexibility. People need to be able to work when and where it suits them best in order to reach well defined common goals. However, developing a smart office culture is not enough: smart principles need to be reflected in the design and use of the workplace. Startups are advantaged in this respect, as they are able to build their business from scratch and implement smart working principles in the use of office space from the beginning.

Steps to Rethink Smart Working

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