Startup Angels, Self-Driving Cars & More Highlights

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1. Startup Angels Debuts Marketplace Platform: ‘We’re Trying To Make It Easier For Potential Investors’

By Dustin Blitchok –

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

An $11 trillion opportunity for venture capital funding exists in plain sight, according to Startup Angels CEO Leslie Jump. Read More

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2. Meet The 14th (Ever) African-American Female Founder To Raise $1M

By Lisa Wang – Forbes

Digest: Women Entrepreneurship

Curators: Clare Bennett, Lorel Sim

For women and especially women of color, raising capital is… who am I kidding? You all know how difficult it can be. Yet, Kristina Jones, cofounder of legal tech startup Court Buddy, persisted and raised $1 million, making her the fourteenth African American woman to do so and what Project Diane calls a real unicorn of tech. Read More

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3. How Ford and Lyft Are Teaming Up to Take Self-Driving Cars Mainstream

By Sherif Marakby – Medium

Digest: Mobility & Transportation

Curators: Timo Hoffmann, Manuel Heckmann, Andy Palanisamy, James Gleave

Sherif Marakby, Vice President for Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification at Ford, announced this week a “significant step toward bringing self-driving vehicles to the masses” thanks to a new partnership with Lyft that will help both companies progress toward a more affordable, dependable and accessible transportation future. Read More

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4. How I Stayed Calm When Mark Cuban Called Me a ‘Gold Digger’ on ‘Shark Tank’

By Yunha Kim –

Digest: Youth Entrepreneurship

Curators: Tony Cueva, Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska

Raising funds is not fun at all! As you can read in the article, if some investors disrespect you and others don’t meet your expectations in the number you want to raise, then just let them go! It is much easier for you to get others on board rather than having some problematics ones (just saying!). Read More

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5. Seven Ways To Balance Entrepreneurship And Motherhood

By Ashley Harris – Forbes

Digest: Mompreneurship

Curator: Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska

Starting your own company is very much like having a baby: You begin with the seed of an idea and labor to bring it into reality, then dedicate yourself to nurturing your creation and helping it grow and flourish. The energy and dedication required to be a successful entrepreneur can be extraordinary. Read More

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