Women in Venture Report, Apple Abandons Touch ID & More Highlights

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1. All 2018 iPhones to adopt Face ID as Apple abandons Touch ID

By 9to5mac

Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

3D sensing will be a “key selling point” of all new 2018 iPhone models. While Apple currently faces manufacturing difficulties with 3D sensing, TrueDepth cameras and Face ID will help Apple “capitalize on its clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones.” Read More

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2. Learning Resource: Deep Learning Specialization at Coursera

By Coursera

Digest: Artificial Intelligence

Curators: Aashay Mody, Sergio A. Escobar

As a follow up to last week’s Machine Learning course, here’s a deep learning specialization designed by Andrew Ng (formerly Baidu AI, Google Brain) to help you break into AI. The five courses go through the foundations of Deep Learning, how to build neural networks, and learn how to create machine learning projects. Note that the courses require some prior programming experience. Read More

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3. No startup is an island: entrepreneurship relies on collaboration

By Steven Drost – The Guardian

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

Incubator? Accelerator?…or just cluster? Read More

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4. It’s Not Just Amazon: Chinese Tech Giants are Selling Groceries Too

By Sherisse Pham – CNN tech

Digest: Food Tech

Curators: David Nagy, Winnie Leung

Alibaba the country’s biggest online shopping company, has introduced a grocery store that has both a virtual and physical presence. It quietly started rolling out the stores two years ago “because no one was watching and we wanted to try it out,” Vice Chairman Joe Tsai said at a conference in Hong Kong last week. Read More

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5. Announcing the 2017 Update to the Crunchbase Women in Venture Report

By Gené Teare – TechCrunch

Digest: Women Entrepreneurship

Curators: Clare Bennett, Lorel Sim

The percentage of women partners increased of 17 percent in top 100 venture firms, and eight of those firms each added a female partner for the first time ever. There’s more where that came from… Read More

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