Real Talk: The Recipe for a Great Co-Founder

The following is a guest post by, an award-winning app development company that has worked with over 180+ startups and companies from all around the globe, helping them bring their web apps, mobile apps, wearable apps and software ideas to life.

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For a lot of early-stage startups that reach out to Chop Dawg, they often have an important decision to make; do I need a co-founder and if so, who and what should I be looking for with a co-founder? This video covers it all.

We’ll break down for you what you need to look for when finding a co-founder, how to find a co-founder, and how to be strategic that the co-founder you’re bringing on will last.

We also dive deep into why you don’t necessarily need a co-founder too, contrary to popular beliefs in the startup world. We discuss the importance of finding a team, and how you can weigh out the pros and cons of a co-founder, vs. building an organic (or outsourced) team.

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