How to Organically Market Your Brand on Instagram

The following is a guest post by Valli Vishnubhotla, an SEO professional working at AWM Network. Valli writes for Market Inspector and Greenmatch, B2B digital marketplaces in Europe.

Instagram is a great marketing tool that has been enabling people, brands and businesses to promote themselves and reach out to the global audience without having a huge marketing budget. Even the biggest of brands use Instagram to engage with their current and potential customers. In a time where six out of 10 adults have Instagram accounts, it is a tool that businesses need to take advantage of.

This infographic by Market Inspector gives 20 tips on how a brand can be marketed on Instagram organically. These tips can be helpful to a brand or business that is looking to build and boost their online presence. There are tonnes of examples of various brands that have organically grown their followers on Instagram. These brands make sure that they’re responsive to the comments they receive, thereby increasing engagement and trust.

One of the most common ways of gaining new followers is by adding appropriate hashtags to your post on Instagram. Hashtags act like keywords to your post and help people find your profile when they search for hashtags in your niche. Take a look at the infographic below to see how you can use these tips to promote your Instagram and gain followers.

Tips To Organically Market Your Brand On Instagram

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