Tricks App Makers Use for Higher Ranking, Epic Fails in Pitching & More Highlights

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1. The tricks app makers use to get ranked more highly in the App Store and Google Play


Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

Some tricks include buying ads on rival companies, changing your name to fit the season, adding buzzy terms to your description and changing your category. Read More

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2. 5 Epic Fails in Pitching

By Dave Parker

Digest: Startup

Curator: Zubin Chagpar

“If you’re the only one talking, you will never learn more than you already know. If the investor isn’t asking questions, they have either lost interest or they are bored. Neither of those outcomes are good for you. Plan breaks in your pitch to have enough “space” for you to take a breath and ask for participation. If an investor knows your market, you may want to ask the question “If this was going to fail, why would it fail?” You will learn a lot from that question and it may change your strategy months or years earlier in the process.” Read More

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3. 10 Investors Who Are Authentically Committed To Funding Female Founders, Part 1

By Lisa Wang – Forbes

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

Half-hearted decency pledges, unkept promises to implement gender bias training, vague commitments to become more accessible, with so much noise and so little action, it’s hard to stay optimistic about the state of venture capital. Read More

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4. 10 Side Hustles Ideal for Millennials Who Want to Start a Business Quickly and Cheaply

By Murray Newlands –

Digest: Youth Entrepreneurship

Curators: Tony Cueva, Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska

Owning a business may be a life goal for people of all ages, but the reality is that only a small percentage are able to set up a successful company. When you think about starting your own business, large investments and loads of paperwork are the first things to spring to mind.

Thanks to factors like the widespread availability of technology, there are now many money-generating activities with which you can get involved. Moreover, because many of these require computer-related skills, millennials can take advantage of these opportunities to start making money quickly and cheaply.

That being said, finding the right activity for you isn’t always simple. In this article, the author will discuss 10 side hustles that millennials can explore to start making money fast without making a huge initial investment. Read More

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5. Startup Accelerators Have Become More Popular in Emerging Markets — and They’re Working

By Peter Roberts and Randall Kempner – Harvard Business Review

Digest: Emerging Economies

Curator: Anurag Maloo

For decades, we have heard that emerging markets are poised for huge growth that will yield even greater prosperity. But a long list of obstacles always seems to be getting in the way of realizing this potential. Startup accelerator programs have been touted as one path to faster progress. Much like their famed Silicon Valley counterparts, emerging market accelerators aim to boost startups’ potential for raising growth capital. We wanted to examine whether the boost that accelerators give in emerging market contexts is different from similar programs in North America or Europe. Our research shows that the effects of acceleration are remarkably similar for entrepreneurs across countries and even continents. Unfortunately, mismatched goals between investors and entrepreneurs as well as a potential cultural bias may both prove to limit the positive effect that accelerators have in emerging market contexts. Read More

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