Why You Should Just Get an MBA, Already

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Rowe. Tiffany is a Marketing Administrator at Seek Visibility, where she assists clients in contributing resourceful content throughout the web.

You’ve been thinking about it for a few months; you’ve been reading the blogs for and against it; you’ve been wasting your time going back and forth. The time is ripe for you to get an MBA. Here’s why.

They Give You the Business Training You Need

If you are interested in becoming any kind of business leader – from a middle manager to a C-suite executive to an entrepreneur – you will benefit from the training you will receive in an MBA program. An MBA offers in-depth courses into nearly every business basic, from accounting to marketing, so you can gain a thorough understanding of business systems and strategies. You might also decide to specialize within your program, diving deep into a particular field such as finance or human resources, so you can become an expert for that department. Further, any MBA will instill you with essential leadership qualities, such as integrity and commitment, as well as indispensable skills for leadership, such as transparency and communication. It is possible to gain this understanding and ability without the aid of education – but the experience requires years upon years to accrue, and most ambitious professionals are unwilling to wait.

MBAs Have Never Been More Accessible

In the past, MBA students were forced to choose between two program formats: full time or part time. Full-time students could earn their degree in under two years, but they devoted days and nights to attending classes and studying, meaning they could not hold continue gaining experience and income at a full-time job. Meanwhile, part-time students could hold down a well-paying position, but they could devote only evenings to scheduled courses, so they rarely attained their degree after three years. For many prospective MBA students, it seemed like a catch-22.

Today, you can maintain your current employment, achieve the advanced business education you crave, and complete your program in under two years – thanks to MBA online programs. Online education is flexible, allowing you to watch lectures and complete assignments when you have time, so most online students easily balance their work and home life with their programs. There has never before been a better way to earn an MBA.

Alumni Networks Are Huge and Influential

According to a handful of studies on how candidates find jobs, at least 70 percent of open positions are never listed. Lou Adler, an expert in the field of hiring, purports that 85 percent of jobs are filled thanks to networking. Thus, it should be obvious that you want a wide, powerful network if you are trying to find the best possible employment after you earn your MBA.

Fortunately, the act of engaging with an MBA program is often enough to expand your network. Business school professors and staff often maintain connections with their successful students, who are more than eager to meet the latest generation of MBAs. Further, your program peers are just as likely to be influential in industry as you are, so maintaining contact with your fellow graduates is excellent for your later career. No matter how diligently you network during your MBA program, you will develop a strong network, which will be beneficial after graduation.

They Still Impact Your Earning Potential

Considering that MBAs are accessible and that their benefits are well-known, many potential MBA students doubt whether there remains any value in pursuing the degree. You might gain business skill and knowledge, but if many other candidates have the same credentials, does an MBA still hold any clout?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. Depending on the industry they enter, the company they work for, and their age and gender, MBAs boast average starting salaries between $80,000 and $127,000. Studies on post-MBA earnings have found that MBA grads earn between $45,000 and $50,000 more in starting salary than peers who hold only bachelor degrees, proving that experience alone won’t raise your paycheck. Even if you aren’t looking to land a C-suite position down the road, an MBA is a valuable investment.

MBAs Open Doors Like No Other Degree

Finally, those three simple letters create opportunities for your career. Even if you aren’t leveraging your network to find a job – even if you aren’t using your business school’s ample student services to help with job placement – you are more likely to acquire employment if you have advanced business education. When hiring managers see your MBA credential, they are more likely to call you for an interview, more likely to seriously consider you to fill the position. MBAs are powerful tools, and it’s time you got yourself one.

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