Meet Our Curator of the Week: Rajesh Johnny

Name: Rajesh Johnny

Digest: Emerging Economies Reading List

Curator Since: November 2017

Title: Co-Founder of InQ Innovation and Oryx

Twitter: @RJIndia100

Rajesh Johnny (RaJ) has more than 20 years of experience in the innovation domain. He is the Co-Founder of InQ Innovation and Oryx, a crypto VC. He has exposures in the Middle East and India. As a GTM and Strategy expert, he’s a keen observer of the emerging economies and helped many organisations to scale and go global. Also serves as the Board Member of WMC, a diaspora organisation which has presence in 43 countries started out of New Jersey and CDEP, an India Entry think tank (Fintech Chair) working for expats to connect with the Indian economy.

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