A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Apps Marketing and SEO

The following is a guest post by Nick Rojas. Nick combines 20 years of experience working with and consulting for small to medium businesses and a passion for journalism to help readers grow.

Mobile apps enable companies of all sizes to build deeper relationships with their customers. However, just launching your app does not guarantee success or high revenues. This is because consumers are often faced with a wide assortment of other apps from the market, thus it might be difficult for your app to stand out from this fierce competition. That is why there is need for an effective app marketing strategy to make your app recognizable and encourage downloads.

Marketing your app can be a lengthy and tedious process but it is definitely worth the effort. It can yield several amazing benefits, besides ensuring your  app’s success and growth. So, as you make marketing your priority, here are some great strategies  that can help you in availing success.

Create an Amazing Mobile Offering

A unique mobile offering could mean targeting a specific audience. It could also mean incorporating wonderful features not available on other apps. It is very crucial for your mobile app to offer unique features that are not available in your competitor’s mobile solution. Only then can you stand out from the crowd.

Increase Your Customer Engagement

Interesting perks such as rewards and exclusive content can be used to increase user engagement. Even if you already boast of a significant user base, you still need to find ways to strengthen your user retention. Engage in mobile app retargeting campaigns. You can also expand your reach by marketing your app on an international scale.

Make Your App Highly Social

Social media has completely revolutionized the way people communicate. It is a very powerful marketing tool for app developers. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts to engage your users with your posts and videos. The most important thing is to ensure your social posts drives users to your app store pages.

The Importance of SEO in an App Marketing Campaign

You have probably heard of search engine optimization when it comes to increasing a website’s traffic. The same concept applies in an app’s marketing strategy. SEO is all about choosing the right term so that a customer can easily recognise it when searching for the function of your app. A keyword should be directly related to your app’s function. It is also imperative for you to choose a strong keyword.

An effective SEO marketing campaign should improve visibility for your app. Here is how to optimize SEO for apps:

  • Select the keywords that have a high estimated traffic
  • Encourage your users to leave positive reviews and ratings.
  • Get quality backlinks and increase installs. Include a download link on your website. Google will give your app a higher ranking according to the number of high quality rankings you have.

How To Build a Great Web Landing Page

Since your app’s page is limited in information, your web page should be customized, engaging and rich. A great web landing page can easily convert your web visitors into users. Wherever users search Google for your app, they will be directed to your app’s page and web landing page.


While it is true that marketing your app takes a considerable amount of time, the end results make the effort worthwhile. These tips discussed above will ensure your app gets the necessary exposure to survive the fierce competition.

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