Wagging in the Workplace: Benefits of Pets at Work

The following is a guest post by Eugene Feygin, a home chef and photographer who travels the world with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing field.

We bring all sorts of things to the office. There are photos of friends and family members, souvenirs from vacations, prints and inspiring posters—even just our own coffee cup to help give our workday space some personality. But there’s one thing that’s gaining more and more popularity as an office adornment: pets.

Pets in the office is a reflection of pets in our lives, as more and more of us own more and more animals. And because the corporate world often reflects home life in key ways, that’s translated into more pet-friendly office policies. Businesses have recognized that there are lots of benefits to animals at work, including de-stressing, breaks (needed but not often taken), and even extended hours when necessary. However, having a pet-friendly office isn’t as easy as “bring your dog in—all day, every day.” It’s more complicated than that. What goes into a policy, and being a good pet owner? This graphic explains it.

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