How SEO Has Evolved in 2018

The following is a guest post by Harsha Kiran, the head of SEO at

SEO has evolved immensely from the early days of the internet. Web developers and businesses are continually having to outdo themselves and keep up to date with the latest SEO trends and techniques.

On the other hand, search engines such as the almighty Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly improving their algorithms and altering how their search engines index and rank websites. As a result, what counted for superb search engine rankings in December 2017, could be totally different from January 2018 for example.

We are also having to alter our own approach to SEO and internet marketing – 2018 is certainly an interesting year for the world of SEO.

How does the SEO and search engine industry look in 2018?

In terms of actual popular search engines nothing has changed much. The most popular search engines are still the big three – Google, Bing and Yahoo, with Google topping the list convincingly. Other search engines, such as the Asian Baidu, continue to gain audience, but Google remains the one to watch.

To put this in terms of market control, report states Google rolls in at a ridiculous 92% on mobile devices and 72% on desktop devices. This is absolutely monumental as the next market share is Baidu at just 4.75% for mobile devices and 12.84% for desktop devices.

When looking at SEO trends, it is apparent that we are seeing a shift towards the importance of mobile SEO and smartphone searches. Smartphones are extremely commonplace and most people have one with them at all times.

Businesses have to cash in on this fact and concentrate more on mobile SEO as the role of traditional desktop SEO diminishes. To put a figure on that, it is reported that approximately 58% of searches are conducted via mobile phones in 2018. Voice search is also predicted to become increasingly popular therefore businesses may also have to consider voice search SEO.

As you can see the desktop-centred approach to SEO is already being replaced by a mobile-dominant market – check out the infographic below for some more awesome SEO stats and figures:

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