A Guide for How to Talk to a Developer

The following is a guest post by HatchApps, a no-code app development platform enabling businesses to rapidly create and manage mobile and web apps at scale. 

Building a technology company as a non-technical founder can be tough. Creating an incredible product experience is paramount, but doing so on an early-stage budget is a challenge. How should you plan to build your product? Hire a CTO? Hire an agency? A freelancer? A developer? The options can seem endless.

When deciding how to build your software, one thing’s for sure: you need to know the basic lingo of software development in order to evaluate and hire the right talent. Thus, the team at Hatch Apps recently launched a site to help bridge the gap between non-technical founders, and their more technical counterparts. It’s an interactive technical glossary for entrepreneurs, business leaders and tech-lovers who are interested in becoming a little more savvy when it comes to talking tech.

The site includes three sets of interactive flashcards: Computer Science, Languages and Frameworks, and Developer Tools. It’s designed to arm you with the language you’ll need to manage your product and tech talent, and get building!

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