Top 4 Tips on Increasing Your Digital Footprint

Years ago, a simple Yellow Page’s advert would have been all that was needed to for a company’s marketing strategy. Now, the client and customer experience starts online – reinforcing the importance of a positive and influential digital footprint.

Melissa Haywood, Head of Vistaprint Australia, says an early adoption of some basic strategies can help build a solid foundation for the future. And these approaches don’t need to be complicated or expensive, but they do need to be done with consistency and direction.

“While there is still a place for business cards and leave behinds, focusing on your digital footprint is a tactical move that will build your brand recognition, generate more leads and boost your reputation,” Haywood explains.

See below for Melissa’s top four tips on increasing your digital footprint:

Website – You need to create a well-designed website with up-to-date bios, headshots, awards as well as links to your social media pages. If you can only use your employer’s website, take advantage of LinkedIn. It is a great medium to network with industry groups, build referrals, create your own content and become a thought leader in the space.

Facebook – Facebook has powerful targeted advertising options that eliminates the ‘spray and pray’ approach like most advertising options such as letterbox drops, TV and radio. You can fine tune your target down to location, age, gender, interests, behaviours and even target specific email addresses using client lists.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation simply put is a way to ensure your website can be found in search engines when words and phrases relevant to what your services offer are searched. Google AdWords are a sure thing in terms of investment. This way, when potential clients actively look for services in your area, your name and business is at the top of the list.  

Testimonials – Testimonials have the power to make or break a deal. Encourage all previous clients to send their feedback for you to post on your website. But also prompt them to review you on independent outlets such as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

For more information, go to Vistaprint’s Advice and Ideas Forum.

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