16 Podcasts to Help Your Startup Team Work Harder

“Hard work pays off.” That’s the one piece of advice we’ve all heard the most throughout our lives, especially when it comes to careers. As the owner of your business, you know your team works hard and puts in long hours to take your startup off the ground. But what sets the “hard work” of startups apart from other professionals and individuals?

Simply “working hard” doesn’t capture the work you sign up for when launching your own business. As a startup owner, your time and margin of error is limited, making the difference between your business seeing another day and failing. The path to success isn’t as obvious, as you grapple with managing a well-rounded team and meeting new challenges that come with running a startup.

To make the most of your time and achieve the “hard work” of a startup, you’ll need to find to pick the right idea that makes you and your team passionate, establish a consistent schedule to maximize your time, and remain balanced and healthy to keep the energy focused. Podcasts are a great way to help your team get the right work done, as many business leaders, startup owners, and career professionals have experienced the same struggles. Not sure which podcast to start listening to? Check out this infographic from BigRentz on the must-listen podcasts on hard work. With tips such as productive morning habits, finding your true calling, and achieving your best health, these podcasts will help you find the hard work that will fuel your wallet and your happiness.

16 Podcasts on Hard Work

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