Why You Should Regularly Audit Your Web Presence

Our highly-digital, highly-connected world means having a strong web presence is an
absolute must. You need to be active on social media, maintain a pristine website, keep up
with your blog, and develop a strong SEO strategy.

However, a big part of succeeding in your online efforts is performing regular audits of your
web presence. Here’s why this is so important.


Even if it’s false or incorrect, any negative information about you on the web could
significantly harm your business. Negativity could come from frustrated customers posting on
a social media or review website, or it could come from bloggers who have decided to make
an example out of your company for whatever reason.

Of course, the goal is to not give your customers a reason to speak poorly about you. But this
isn’t always possible. There will always be someone with an ax to grind.

As a result, it’s important to regularly edit your online presence so that you can identify any
potentially harmful content and address as quickly and effectively as possible.

This could mean contacting the poster to ask them to remove incorrect or misleading content,
or it could consist of responding to a negative review, or it could mean doing nothing.

You won’t know until you do the audit and understand the extent of the damage, and this is
why it’s so important to regularly monitor your web presence.

Check for Consistency

It’s important your branding be consistent across all channels. If someone encounters your
brand on Facebook, and then they go to your website, they need to feel as though nothing
has changed.

However, with most brands these days using multiple channels to communicate with
customers, it’s easy for things to get misaligned.

Frequent audits will help you identify where, when, and why you’re going off-brand. It could be
that people on Twitter ask questions that force the person managing that account to respond
in unusual ways, and this could be cause to reevaluate how useful that platform is to overall
company aims.

Another thing that happens is that old content becomes irrelevant. This is especially true for
newer companies who are still trying to pinpoint their branding strategy.

Content produced early on might cease to accurately reflect the brand, so you need to audit
consistently and then remove or adjust anything that’s sending mixed signals. This will ensure
all your content is sending the same message to your audience.

Check for ROI

Lastly, we must never forget that the work we do online has one real goal: to drive sales. Of
course, some channels are going to be used more for branding, engagement, and other
purposes, but in the end, the point of all of this is to recruit a loyal base of customers around
which you can build your business.

It’s important to do regular audits because this will help you get a clear picture of what you’re
getting from your investment. If you’re running a Facebook account to drive sales, but it’s not
performing, then it is definitely time to reconsider your approach, and it might even be time to
reconsider if Facebook is right for you.

But an audit can produce the opposite result. You may find one particular channel is
producing lots of results and that it could be doing better if you gave it more attention. Again,
you won’t know until you make evaluation a core part of what you do.

Do an Audit Today

All of this is valuable information to have, but you can only get it by regularly auditing your
web presence. So, if regular audits aren’t already a part of the way you do things, then it’s
time adjust and start monitoring your web presence more frequently.

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