How Well Do You Know Your Brand? Understanding Your Brand’s Archetype

Knowing and understanding your brand archetype is the first step to perfecting your brand’s identity

Every successful entrepreneur understands the unquestionable importance and power of brand equity. However, in order to build a successful brand, it requires clear direction, consistency, and attention to details. The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung came up with twelve archetypes that have been applied to the world of business and marketing. This led to the concept that there are twelve types of brand archetypes, separated into four categories (Ego, Freedom, Social & Order). Each archetype has its own traits, strengths, weaknesses, point of difference, tone and voice, colour palettes, ambitions, and approaches. It is essential for brands to remain consistent with their brand identity, allowing their target audiences to recognise and connect with the brand. 

Here are the top 10 benefits of strong branding:

1. Branding leads to recognition

2. Differentiates from competition

3. Provides consumers with an experience

4. Provides clear identity for your employees

5. Relates to your target audience

6. Expands business opportunities and trust within the marketplace

7. Helps consumers connect and be emotionally invested

8. Creates consumer trust & loyalty

9. Increases business value – it’s an asset!

10. Provides clear business and marketing direction

This 5-minute questionnaire created by branding experts will analyse the underlying characteristics of your brand and identify which archetype your brand best identifies with and other top matches (including percentages). You can also read more about your brand’s archetype to understand what direction your brand can take and how to really hone in and perfect your branding.

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