The Best Apps for Work-Life Balance

The American workplace has become so stressful that it’s now the fifth leading cause of death in the US, and a study by the American Psychological Association, showed that most people consider work their number one source of stress. Culturally, Americans have some work to do when it comes to work. 

Luckily, organizations, media publications and families are all having conversations about work-life balance and the millennial generation is leading the charge toward more flexible work lives that make room for us to live happy, healthy, and balanced lives. 

While we wait for the cultural shift toward balance, there are things individuals can do to establish a better equilibrium between their work and home lives.

Manage your time better.  

Eliminating time leaks, and working more efficiently can improve productivity and keep your job responsibilities from overflowing into your personal time.

Recharge your mind by taking breaks.

Productivity actually improves when workers take lunch breaks and micro breaks throughout the day. Plus, resting during the day will give your brain a chance to think about things other than work.

Unplug and set boundaries.

Setting boundaries for yourself, as well as for your employer, coworkers and clients, is an important element of work-life balance. Turn off notifications after hours and try our hardest to leave work at work. 

Practice mindfulness to improve focus

Make sure you are physically and mentally in the same place by practicing mindfulness. When you’re at work, be at work. When you’re at home, be present there, too. 

To help you bring more balance to your days, the team at has put together a list of the best apps for work-life balance in this infographic.

work-life balance apps

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