Cassie Phillips Cassie Phillips

Cassie is a cybersecurity advocate and internet securities expert. Most of her efforts online focus on improving community awareness of common problems from scams to exploits. Most tech problems can be avoided, and she hopes to continue sharing solutions.

Why Being an Entrepreneur Today is Easier Than Ever

Getting involved in the business world can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t had much experience being an entrepreneur before. However, if you have a great idea or a great opportunity to pursue, then becoming an entrepreneur today is easier than ever. With the boom of the internet, changes to the working world, technological advances,…

Why Startups Need to Worry About Cybersecurity

The following is a guest post by Cassie Phillips, a cybersecurity advocate and internet securities expert. You can follow her on Twitter @securethoughtsc. Recent reports by GEM show that startups comprise some 100 million new businesses each year. It should come as no surprise then that these companies also are the perfect target market for hackers; many new…

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