Diana Edmundson Diana Edmundson

Diana Edmundson is an SEO content specialist at Salesforce. She creates innovative copy and content strategies for the EMEA online marketing team that are designed to help both humans and algorithms, though people always take precedence. With several years of tech writing under her belt, she's especially interested in the human element of technology and business. Diana's roots are in book publishing and she's also written for online retail companies, travel insurance companies, and children's charities.

How to Start a Startup: From Business Idea to Your First Sale

The following is a guest post by Diana Edmundson, an SEO content specialist at Salesforce. Maybe you’ve gone out with co-workers after a long week and started brainstorming ideas for a new service or product. Or maybe you’ve always been a dreamer—keeping notes and thinking about ways to make the world different with a new…

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