Inktank Inktank

With an extensive background in business marketing and branding design, Inktank helps equip brands with exceptional professional printing supplies. From humble beginnings, the brand became known in the industry over the decade for their unique and specialised techniques including 3D embossing, laser cutting, letterpress and hot stamp foiling. Inktank are a creative team that believes anything is possible - using the very latest printing techniques and premium materials sourced from around the world to create custom masterpieces, time after time.

How Well Do You Know Your Brand? Understanding Your Brand’s Archetype

Knowing and understanding your brand archetype is the first step to perfecting your brand’s identity Every successful entrepreneur understands the unquestionable importance and power of brand equity. However, in order to build a successful brand, it requires clear direction, consistency, and attention to details. The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung came up with twelve archetypes…

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