Meet Our Curator of the Week: Jordan Gardiner

Name: Jordan Gardiner Digest: Brisbane (Interim Curator for Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast) Curator Since: April 2016 Title: Web Developer / Entrepreneur / Startup Catalyst Alumni Twitter: @jordsta Hi, I’m Jordan, a dependable, extensible & quirky web developer at JSAcreative. I’m an entrepreneur waiting for the right idea to strike, but in the meantime I’m addicted to Startup Weekends. To…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Rosie Odsey

Name: Rosie Odsey Digest: Brisbane Curator Since: April 2016 Title: Project Coordinator Twitter Handle: @rosieodsey Innovation chaser | Rookie coder | Pretend writer | Unestablished thinker | Real human To receive the Brisbane Startup Digest, subscribe here.

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