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Not Everything You Love Needs to Be a Business

The following is a guest post by ChopDawg.com, an award-winning app development company that has worked with over 180+ startups and companies from all around the globe, helping them bring their web apps, mobile apps, wearable apps and software ideas to life. Follow ChopDawg.com on Twitter at @ChopDawgStudios. Okay, let’s take a quick business break to just talk…

How to Start a Startup: From Business Idea to Your First Sale

The following is a guest post by Diana Edmundson, an SEO content specialist at Salesforce. Maybe you’ve gone out with co-workers after a long week and started brainstorming ideas for a new service or product. Or maybe you’ve always been a dreamer—keeping notes and thinking about ways to make the world different with a new…

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