Meet Our Curator of the Week: Jeff Bennett

Name: Jeff Bennett Digest: Sacramento Curator Since: January 2016 Title: Content Producer | Startup & Innovation Ecosystem Builder Twitter: @DigitalSplash Jeff’s passion for tech startups began while working for a small software startup in 2000, but was amplified when he relocated to Sacramento in 2015 and began to get involved with events in the Sacramento startup…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Tania Mulry

Name: Tania Mulry Digest: Santa Clarita Curator Since: November 2017 Title: Founder of Steamwork Twitter: @steamworkcenter Creator of curiosity, technology and brilliant business models. Relentless encourager of entrepreneurs. To start receiving Techstars Startup Digest Santa Clarita, please subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: John Mueller

Name: John Mueller Digest: Fresno Curator Since: October 2012 Title: Founder, Golfer, Runner, Professor, Entrepreneurship. Pick’n Run | Rollin’ Gelato | GolfSolutions.com Twitter: @golfmomo John M. Mueller is a former professor at California State University – Fresno, where he taught entrepreneurship courses. Prior to joining Fresno State, he was a professor at Western Michigan University, completed his…

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