Meet Our Curator of the Week: John Mueller

Name: John Mueller Digest: Fresno Curator Since: October 2012 Title: Founder, Golfer, Runner, Professor, Entrepreneurship. Pick’n Run | Rollin’ Gelato | GolfSolutions.com Twitter: @golfmomo John M. Mueller is a former professor at California State University – Fresno, where he taught entrepreneurship courses. Prior to joining Fresno State, he was a professor at Western Michigan University, completed his…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Nick Hawtin

Name: Nick Hawtin Digest: Copenhagen Curator Since: March 2012 Title: CEO at Radiate Twitter: @riskcontainment Startup mentor, speaker, facilitator, event moderator, pitch trainer, networker. Feel free to contact me, if you want to get connected to the startup scene here and in Southern Sweden. Lots of good things are afoot. To receive the Techstars Startup Digest Copenhagen,…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Arjen H. Albertz

Name: Arjen H. Albertz Digest: Berlin Curator Since: November 2015 Title: LL.M. Twitter: @arjenalbertz Where people come together there might often be misinterpretations in their communication. Often those are easy to clear, sometimes they are harder to solve. As a mediator I help people in order to get them to the same level of communication and subsequently…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Caroline Vaez

Name: Caroline Vaez Digest: Brazil – Centro Oeste Curator Since: May 2017 Title: Forestry Engineer Twitter: @carol_vaez A curious forestry engineer Alumni AIESEC in Cuiabá, who promotes environmental education in practice, foments and undertakes the ecosystem of startups, participates and helps to organize events. And now is here because her big dream is to connect people and knowledge to…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Joan Torres

Name: Joan Torres Digest: Smart Cities Curator Since: November 2016 Title: Co-Founder at LABCITIES Twitter: @SmartUrbanite Tech entrepreneur and co-founder of LABCITIES, a global platform connecting smart city projects, experts and organizations around the world. I’m also a digital innovation consultant with extensive experience working with companies and governments across Europe and the Middle East. Software Engineer…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Lara Hobson

Name: Lara Hobson Digest: Kalamazoo Curator Since: March 2017 Title: WMU Starting Gate Operations Director Twitter: @WMUStartingGate WMU Management Instructor since 2013 and Operations Director of WMU’s Starting Gate business accelerator program since 2014. Small business owner from 2010-2015. I love Kalamazoo and the amazing, diverse and very active community! To receive the Techstars Startup Digest Kalamazoo,…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Riccardo Osti

Name: Riccardo Osti Digest: Amsterdam Curator Since: September 2015 Title: CEO at Wonderflow Twitter: @RiccardoOsti CEO & founder at Wonderflow, mentor of Lean Startup methodologies, speaker at CeBit. Alumnus at Rockstart Accelerator and Techpeaks. Used to be a marketing manager and a consultant before being an entrepreneur. To receive Startup Digest Amsterdam, please subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Eugenio Monforte

Name: Eugenio Monforte Digest: Design Reading List Curator Since: October 2016 Title: Product Manager Twitter: @tipoqueno Product Manager / Full Stack Designer on startups. Host of World Information Architecture Day Mendoza 2016 (Argentina) and Viña del Mar 2017 (Chile). To receive the Startup Digest Design Reading List, please subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Danielle Ungermann

Name: Danielle Ungermann Digest: Miami Curator Since: July 2015 Title: Digital Marketing and Customer Relations Specialist Twitter: @ungerwoman Marketing overlord @BuildMcKENZIE | Community & events organizer + Co-Captain @CodeForMiami | Curator of Startup Digest Miami | #WaffleWednesday reveler To receive Startup Digest Miami, please subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Coral Grainger

Name: Coral Grainger Digest: Manchester Curator Since: March 2012 Title: MD & Founder of CapitalRelations.co.uk Twitter: @coralgrainger Coral supports digital tech businesses and advises on city growth, skills & digital economic development as MD of @CapitalRels. Connecting People, Place & Potential. #FRSA To receive the Manchester Startup Digest, please subscribe here.

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