Customer Relations

Startup Marketing Campaigns You Need to Follow

 When you are struggling to launch a business, marketing seems like just another expensive obstacle toward achieving your goal. Yet, more accurately, marketing could mean the difference between a successful startup and a total flop. Instead of mindlessly throwing money at online ad space, you should think more critically about your marketing campaign, especially at…

5 Hacks of Getting Your Customers to Pay on Time

When it comes to customer relations, making sure that everything is running smoothly is essential especially if you want to make sure that they become and/or remain consistent and valuable customers with you and your establishment. Now, if there is something that makes things problematic is when there is a debt and the customers are…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Danielle Ungermann

Name: Danielle Ungermann Digest: Miami Curator Since: July 2015 Title: Digital Marketing and Customer Relations Specialist Twitter: @ungerwoman Marketing overlord @BuildMcKENZIE | Community & events organizer + Co-Captain @CodeForMiami | Curator of Startup Digest Miami | #WaffleWednesday reveler To receive Startup Digest Miami, please subscribe here.

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