Meet Our Curator of the Week: Eugenio Monforte

Name: Eugenio Monforte Digest: Design Reading List Curator Since: October 2016 Title: Product Manager Twitter: @tipoqueno Product Manager / Full Stack Designer on startups. Host of World Information Architecture Day Mendoza 2016 (Argentina) and Viña del Mar 2017 (Chile). To receive the Startup Digest Design Reading List, please subscribe here.

Town Pays for Uber Rides, ABCs of News Literacy & More Reading List Highlights

5 hand-picked articles from across the Startup Digest Reading Lists. Sign up to receive great weekly content on various topics from our expert curators.   1. A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms You Should Know By Janie Kliever Digest: Design Curators: Eugenio Monforte, Phillip Chao Learning the building blocks of typography will help you better understand how to…

Should the user interface of your product be a priority?

The following is a guest post by ChopDawg.com, an award-winning app development company that has worked with over 180+ startups and companies from all around the globe, helping them bring their web apps, mobile apps, wearable apps and software ideas to life. Follow ChopDawg.com on Twitter at @ChopDawgStudios. This is an interesting topic that we…

Reflections on the Playfair AI Summit & Resolution Foundation Robotics Conference

The following is a guest post by Philip Alexander, CEO of Mentorial and curator of the Startup Digest HR & Employee Experience Reading List. This post originally appeared on Medium. Sign up for Philip’s Reading List here and follow him on Twitter @philipdalex. Reflections on the Playfair London AI Summit (July 1st) and Resolution Foundation Robotics…

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