Meet Our Curator of the Week: Pedro Ferreira

Name: Pedro Ferreira Digest: FrankfurtRheinMain Curator Since: December 2017 Title: Startup Enthusiast – Managing Director @ Start Zero Twitter: @pedrogmferreira Community Builder and Co-Editor for RMS – Event Organizer and Digital Marketing Advisor. To receive Techstars Startup Digest FrankfurtRheinMain, please subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Arjen H. Albertz

Name: Arjen H. Albertz Digest: Berlin Curator Since: November 2015 Title: LL.M. Twitter: @arjenalbertz Where people come together there might often be misinterpretations in their communication. Often those are easy to clear, sometimes they are harder to solve. As a mediator I help people in order to get them to the same level of communication and subsequently…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Katrin Mathis

Name: Katrin Mathis Digest: Basel and Freiburg Curator Since: February 2016 Title: Digitale Konzepte mit mehr Wert Twitter: @katrinmathis Katrin attended Startup Weekend Basel 2012 and has become a co-organizer since then. She holds a BSc in OnlineMedia and an MBA in Service Innovation & Design. As a freelancer, she consults organizations in how to leverage the…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld

Name: Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld Digest: FrankfurtRheinMain Curator Since: October 2012 Title: Lean & Agile IT Entrepreneur Twitter Handle: @pherwarth ScrumMaster, Lean & Agile Evangelist @ //SEIBERT/MEDIA, Initiator of http://Tools4AgileTeams.com & http://Rhein-Main-Startups.com To receive the FrankfurtRheinMain Startup Digest, subscribe here.

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