Western Michigan University

Meet Our Curator of the Week: John Mueller

Name: John Mueller Digest: Fresno Curator Since: October 2012 Title: Founder, Golfer, Runner, Professor, Entrepreneurship. Pick’n Run | Rollin’ Gelato | GolfSolutions.com Twitter: @golfmomo John M. Mueller is a former professor at California State University – Fresno, where he taught entrepreneurship courses. Prior to joining Fresno State, he was a professor at Western Michigan University, completed his…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Lara Hobson

Name: Lara Hobson Digest: Kalamazoo Curator Since: March 2017 Title: WMU Starting Gate Operations Director Twitter: @WMUStartingGate WMU Management Instructor since 2013 and Operations Director of WMU’s Starting Gate business accelerator program since 2014. Small business owner from 2010-2015. I love Kalamazoo and the amazing, diverse and very active community! To receive the Techstars Startup Digest Kalamazoo,…

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