Reading List Highlights: Paul McCartney, Minecraft, NASA

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1. In push to diversify tech, Kapor Center opening in Uptown Oakland

By Kevin Truong – San Francisco Business Times

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

We really love seeing things like this happen. Read More

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2. How Paul McCartney and Jaunt Are Using VR to Bring Storytelling Back to Music

By Alex Kane – Upload

Digest: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Curators: Kelly Vicars, Martin Ahe

This excellent piece by Alex Kane beckons an age of VR music experiences that recapture the intimacy of albums and liner notes all but lost in our age of super-convenient streaming. Jaunt’s Pure McCartney VR is a prototype not just for music videos but for great VR storytelling: the six-part documentary series takes listeners behind the scenes and into the untold stories that span McCartney’s five-decade solo career. Stories like this may prove one of the dominant applications for VR in music. Read More

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3. Just launched! Minecraft EDU Version

By Minecraft

Digest: Maker

Curator: Mark Schreiber

Typically I focus on tangible making of physical objects but Minecraft kind of breaks the mould, so I figured I’d let you know that the educational version of Minecraft is out. Take a look, see what kids can learn to build, to code, and to create in this digital world. Read More

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4. NASA’s library of Free 3D Printable Models


Digest: 3D Printing

Curator: Dilanka

If you weren’t aware, NASA actually has a pretty decent library of 3D Printable models on their website. NASA has done things like emailing a 3D Printable wrench to the International Space Station and Astronauts would 3D Print the wrench to do repairs. I have printed this same wrench from the NASA website. Check it out — this is especially fun if you are introducing children into 3D Printing. Read More

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5. The Future Of Fashion: 10 Wearable Tech Brands You Need To Know

By Rachel Arthur – Forbes

Digest: Wearables

Curators: Aashay Mody, Ashish Aggarwal

Here’s a comprehensive, bookmark-worthy list of companies making waves in fashion tech, and more specifically the area of smart garments/accessories, including Levi’s x Google Jacquard, Wearable Experiments and Zenta which we have previously featured on this digest. Read More

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