Reading List Highlights: Virtual Reality Police Training, Pokémon Go, Tampon Monitor

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1. Police use robot to kill for first time; AI experts say it’s no big deal but worry about future

By Hope Reese – TechRepublic

Digest: Artificial Intelligence

Curator: Bjorn Larsen

The bomb robot police used to kill the Dallas Gunman last week was not acting on its own, but future ones will likely have more autonomy. And it’s definitely not too early to start debating the ethics of that. Read More

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2. T-Mobile Gives Customers Free Pokémon Go Data

By T.C. Sottek – The Verge

Digest: Mobile

Curator: Edith Yeung

Very smart marketing move for T-mobile going after the Millennials. Read More

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3. Hackaday Prize Entry: The World’s First Tampon Monitor

By Brian Benchoff – Hackaday

Digest: Wearables

Curators: Aashay Mody, Ashish Aggarwal

Students at UC Berkeley recently developed my.Flow, a small wearable that clips onto a user’s undergarment and connects to a tampon by an elongated tail to measure the level of saturation and help avoid leakage, anxiety and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Read More

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4. Food.Ink: World’s first 3D Printing Restaurant

By –

Digest: 3D Printing

Curator: Dilanka

Unsure how well this works, but: Food Ink is a pop-up gourmet restaurant that uses 3D Printing in their dining experience. It’s still an interesting idea. Read More

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5. Can virtual reality training for US police help stop officer-involved shootings?

By Ava Kofman – The Guardian

Digest: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Curator: Kelly Vicars, Martin Ahe

As methods used to train officers in making lethal force decisions have come under increased scrutiny from activists and legislators, police departments have started to consider alternative approaches to training officers, including virtual reality. Read More

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